Skills and Teams

"When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people."

Chinese proverb


In current times, robots are not some distant concept only visible in sci-fi movies or laboratories and R&D departments.

More and more, they are becoming part of our lives as toys for our kids, in hospitals and care houses to provide guidance and sometimes even friendship and in our homes to help us out with our everyday queries.

Some therefore predict a competitive struggle between humans and robots will occur in the future. They believe that robots will take over more and more of our tasks and functions, making humans slowly but gradually redundant.

At Arthur Strategies & Systems, we’re not afraid of robots. We don’t see them as competitors. We see them as allies. The challenge ahead of us is not to compete with them but to cooperate with them in a complementary and secure way.


Picture a football team with only goalkeepers. What would be the probability of such a team winning?

A team in which different skillsets, perspectives, ideas and backgrounds are present is more likely to contribute to your organization’s success than a team with only defenders.

Benefit from diversity by striking the right balance while setting up teams so that your organization can keep scoring goals.

Is your organization required to go all out and select people from different parts of the world? No, the devil is in the detail. Arthur Strategies & Systems can help you create a team based on the goals that you are trying to achieve.

Envisioned outcome
Our team of experts understands that the ‘copy and paste’ method cannot apply while forming teams for our clients, therefore, we design strategies that are unique and allow organizations to succeed by:

  • increasing capabilities and broadening perspective;
  • enhancing the levels of creativity and innovation;
  • improving decision making and problem solving;
  • introducing strategic and smart co-creation.


A robot may be smart but is it smarter than a team? And does it have a ‘human’s touch’; are they as secure as people? Ever heard of a ’hacked human’?

In today’s society, humans are unjustly underrated. Typical human characteristics, which (still) cannot be replaced by AI, such as intuition, creativity and flexibility are and remain quintessential to the success of your organization. In addition, through conducting, teaching and cooperating, humans are quintessential to the optimal and safe deployment of robots and other AI solutions within your organization.

Enable your employees and AI to thrive simultaneously to optimize your organization’s use of its resources and innovations.

To make optimal use of what current and future emerging technologies have to offer, we therefore believe that robots and other AI solutions should be acquired to support and cooperate with your team, not to make them redundant.


Envisioned outcome
Our experienced team can help you build that multi-disciplinary team, enabling you to reap the benefits from AI and other new technologies and to:

  • Strategically channelize employees towards roles that are intrinsically human and require sensitivity, empathy, relationship building, creativity and the like.
  • Train employees to create, train or conduct robots and AI to be our safe and secure partners.
  • Promote collaboration to set collective goals.