Quality of Life

Increase the quality of life while leaving nobody behind


As our way of life is subject to change, so are our (everyday) values.

Sometimes, old rankings change. Where the Gross National Product used to be the norm, nowadays Gross National Happiness is a term which becomes more and more integrated in our society.

Sometimes existing values are redefined. The fact that we want products and services to be user friendly, safe and accessible got a completely different meaning through time, as a lot of products and services, which were ‘stand alone’ in the past, nowadays are connected to us, our social contacts, devices and networks.

Globalization and innovation require a ‘fresh’ look at our current ethics.

Arthur Strategies & Systems helps your organization to navigate through and use these ‘new’ values and ethics, turning them into spearheads and unique selling points.





How do you decide and define that the quality of your product or service is good, great or (maybe even) the best?


In today’s market, many products and services often contain software and are frequently connected to one or more networks, devices and other ‘things’.


Hence, the definition of quality nowadays demands a different approach. Words like ‘durable’ and ‘user friendly’ do not cover the lot anymore. Parameters such as interoperability, (cyber)security and privacy become more and more important to measure quality.


Check whether your organization’s products or services are still in sync with today’s customer demand; ensure they are of future-proof quality.



Through our metrics, which include security, interoperability, international connectivity, quality of design, resilience, response time and transparency we assess your services and compare them to state-of-the-art principles, equivalents, scenario’s, rules & regulations and the like. In case of any gaps, we assist you in drafting and deploying strategies, roadmaps and measures to overcome those gaps.


Envisioned outcome

Together with our trusted partner we plotted many innovative services by means of a selection of the above and helped create variety of clients to:

  • Obtain gap analyses regarding their product/services portfolio from various angles including risk, market demands, compliance, best practices, regulation, and competition.
  • Incorporate key findings and recommendations to enhance and future proof quality.
  • Engage with secure technology which will enable the services provided by the organization to be more reliable and achieve greater competitiveness on the market.





Besides offering innovative services or products, a way to stay relevant for your customers and partners is to internally and externally use up to date values and ethics.


As can be read in the introduction above and with regard of another of our main topics, ‘The End of Short-Termism’, new ethical frameworks and (global) values are getting more and more important for the way your organization organizes and positions its business.


Respond to this wave of consciousness by implementing social and environmental gain in your organization and become and stay your stakeholders preferred supplier or partner.



So how does your organization ride that wave to the benefit of society and the environment in a manner beneficial to itself at the same time? Arthur Strategies & Systems is your partner in selecting and deploying the right strategy for you!


Envisioned outcomes


  • Overview of different scenario’s, intertwining 21st century values with your internal and external organization, sometimes linking you up with surprising (new) partners or other stakeholders giving you an extra push of engagement.
  • Enhancement of trust and increased popularity under customers and prospects through activation of the scenario of your choice.
  • Enhanced attractiveness as a potential partner for your (future) stakeholders and investors.