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“The Principle of No Surprises. In Digital, surprises are not an option”

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The digital revolution has taken the world by storm. Whether we talk about the internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence or internet of things, all these inventions have become indispensable in our lives and have metamorphosized the way we do business today.

Arthur Strategies & Systems can help your organization tap into the myriad opportunities that such technologies have to offer in an agile yet accountable manner.


Today, technological change is gaining momentum at an unprecedented rate. The partial or complete automation of business processes has become indispensable to a lot of organizations to avoid being cannibalized by competitors who are more agile and/or attractive to customers and investors due to digitization.

Gain access to structured and systemized knowledge and meet all the prerequisites for a successful digital transformation to beat your competitors.

We can help your organization to stay on top of things and maximize the potential of digital by connecting and automating value chains in durable digital ecosystems.

Envisioned outcome
With the navigation of our team, your organization will achieve successful digital transformation both regarding its continuity as well as its future relevance, comprising of:

  • A well-defined digital strategy for short, mid- and long term.
  • Multi-layered yet integrated architecture and modular technology allowing for interoperability of infrastructures, databases, applications and organizations.
  • A well-defined strategy concerning technological solutions, standardization and compliance with international guidelines.
  • Scaling up on experts, other human resources and knowledge sharing.


Despite the avenues that new technologies have provided, factors such as insufficient knowledge, security concerns and concerns about (new) obligations regarding (personal) data protection and compliance still hold organizations back, from branching out and adopting new digital technologies.

Unfortunately, this may cause backlogs, ironically sometimes compromising compliance with recently enforced legislation regarding e.g. privacy and (cyber) security.

Time to turn this around and to use digitization to enhance your trustworthiness.

At Arthur Strategies & Systems, we see digitization as an enabler to realize efficiency and transparency and – as a result - trust and trustworthiness with both internal and external stakeholders like customers, (potential) business partners and governmental institutions.

Envisioned outcome
For instance, our team of experts has helped a banking organization in Norway curate a process change that not only promulgates trust and trustworthiness but results in:


  • digital transparency within the dynamics of the organization;
  • increased use by customers of organization’s offerings, decreasing costs and increasing added value;
  • better responsiveness to market changes via secure, trustworthy, hyper-connected and interoperable platforms;
  • avoidance of becoming an irrelevant market player, and the ability to offer superior, state-of-the-art solutions and the resulting increased consumer trust;
  • a well-defined strategy concerning technology-as-a-service for short, mid- and long term.




Technology is changing the world at an incredible pace. While it has enabled greater access to knowledge, people and organizations, like most good things, it is not (yet) immune to ‘evil’.

The complexity of digital networks, software and hardware facilitates intransparency and lets some developers and producers of malicious products and (software)services get away with faulty, sometimes even unsafe products and services.

As a result, consumers and other stakeholders remain skeptical when it comes to (new) software and hardware products. This to the detriment of many organizations who only have the best intentions whilst marketing their (innovative) products and services.

Get rid of this stigma and distinguish your organization.

Arthur Strategies & Systems strongly believes in turning the characteristics of technology into your advantage by using abilities, such as tracking and recording, to create transparency and accountability.

Our team can not only help you build accountability roadmaps and frameworks for various processes, systems, products and services, but also help your organization to remain in sync with current and changing technological and regulatory conditions, ensuring your organization is and remains a trusted partner.

Envisioned outcome
Our team has assisted several clients take a principle-based approach to accountability which has enabled them to:

  • Build trust of consumers, clients, decision makers, governmental and regulatory authorities.
  • Measure the impact and feasibility of digital initiatives in a phased manner and make methodical changes.
  • Efficient and systematic allocation of risk within the organization;
  • Systematic responsiveness to unforeseen events due to clear allocation of roles and responsibilities.
  • Self-governance aimed at improving transparency and accountability.
  • Instill a sense of responsibility and ownership within the organization.