Digital Attributes

"How many IoT devices exist, with how many computing devices do they share data? How many others have access to that data and what decisions are being made with this data? No one really knows. We just don’t know."

Rebecca Herold


The Internet of Things gets bigger and bigger. Every single day, it is extended by numerous devices, humans, apps, networks and other things.

Because of it, the list of digital attributes (specifications of properties of devices, humans or other ‘things’ which help identify such devices, humans or ‘things’) gets longer and the manners they are used in authentication processes ensuring the right person, device or app gets access to the right device, data or network are extended.

So how to deploy those possibilities and systemize them the right way for your organization? We’re here to help you out!





Where identity management within organizations initially just related to usernames and passwords for employees, it now often also includes trustworthy engagement with consumers, business partners and other stakeholders and different types of authentication such as authentication through SMS or biometric data.


Any idea how these things are arranged within your organization?


For an example: do you know who has access to what and by means of which authentication and authorization tools? Are those tools suitable given the asset they give access to? And what about the parties to which access is provided. Any idea of the strength of their passwords and the way they retain and protect their login details?



Rather than taking a fragmented approach to identity management, we think that digital identity, authentication, authorization, trust and trustworthiness need to be dealt with in a contextual, neural, decentralized yet organized way - where all the relevant persona of an identity are addressed -, with a singular view of the different (groups of) stakeholders which your ecosystems wishes to provide with appropriate and secure access and accountability.


Envisioned outcomes

With strategies that we have devised for our clients, including a multinational technology company, Arthur Strategies & Systems can help your organization to develop new capabilities that will ensure the following:


  • strong and dynamic authentication and authorization of the right parties;
  • state of the art security solutions;
  • continuous updates to keep systems and solutions relevant;
  • enhanced security practices / trainings for employees;
  • strict conformity with data protection principles like data minimization, purpose limitation, transparency, accuracy etc.





Trusted digital is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but rather a ‘need to have’.


The right form of digital authorization is one of the measures to get there.


That said, the concept of identity and its manifestations in the digital world are manifold. In addition, the concept of identity is not static either. Take yourself as an example. How many times did you change your telephone (number), PC or (email) address? And ever thought about how much looks, voice, movement and behavior can change through the years because of aging or (plastical)surgery?


Select and implement the right ways of digital authentication and authorization within your ecosystems and increase trust and confidence from the inside out.


Envisioned outcome

Through its SOTA assessments, strategies and roadmaps, Arthur Strategies & Systems can help you make the best use of strong, dynamic attributes that facilitate seamless and accurate authentication while preventing your organization from making a tradeoff between security and convenience.