Continuous Dynamic Assurance

"At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire organization to accommodate new technologies."

John Chambers


An organization is a dynamic concept and so are many things which it has to deal with on a daily basis.

Markets, stakeholders, rules and regulations. Aside from how to stay relevant, how to stay aligned and compliant is the other struggle organizations face on a regular basis.

Arthur Strategies & Systems is your companion in arms to beat the related challenges!






Your organization is checked, complies with all the rules and plays everything by the book.


Done and dusted now, you think?


Unfortunately, compliance is not a static thing and can be influenced by all kinds of (external) factors. How to avoid unpleasant surprises?


Make your organization resilient through self-certification.    


Envisioned outcome


Arthur Strategies & Systems has helped numerous clients, including several banking institutions, create an internal certification system that is a one stop shop for compliance as a whole. This has resulted in:


  • increased internal and external transparency;
  • securing independent proof of compliance to regulators and other stakeholders;
  • multi-faceted compliance where self-certification is ensured through a ‘Traffic Light’ formula:

Green: Processes, systems and operations are certified, and no further measures have to be taken;

Yellow: where external challenges, risks or vulnerabilities arise, whether from design, operation, law or deliberate instances;

Red: where no appropriate measures have been taken to fix the yellow light deficiencies.




One of the clear messages of this website is that the right organization of all your internal processes is one of the main factors to success in many ways.


Whatever it is; your relationships with customers or partners, your use of data, systems or devices, all of it can be divided into steps and structured into processes, which help you arrange things in a transparent, centralized and structured way, avoiding errors or gaps, enhancing compliance and avoiding unnecessary use of resources.



Arthur Strategies & Systems’ Life Cycles visualize all processes important to your organization, helping you to envisage:


  • which steps you already (should) have taken;
  • which steps are still ahead of you.

Envisioned outcomes


  • transparency;
  • avoidance of omissions and risks;
  • economic use of resources;
  • enhance and foster trust and a smooth cooperation with partners and prospects.