Webinar IOT Day Roundtable 2023 – Understanding the Impact of the New EU Cyber Resilience Act


This afternoon our Founder and Director of Arthur's Legal, Arthur van der Wees, is among other experts present during the IoT Roundtable 2023 discussing the topic 'Understanding the Impact of the New EU Cyber Resilience Act.' The experts in the fields sharing their thoughts and vision are deriving from; the European Commission, NIST, Standardization Organizations, and the Industry itself as they discuss the impacts of the recently adopted European Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) on areas such as IoT security, consumer protection, standards, certification, supply chains, and competition!


The European Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) aims at improving the cybersecurity of hardware and software products. The act seeks to address two major problems: the low level of cybersecurity in many products and the insufficient understanding and access to information by users. Four specific objectives have been identified, including ensuring manufacturers improve the security of products with digital elements from the design and development phase and throughout the product’s life cycle, creating a coherent cybersecurity framework for hardware and software producers, enhancing the transparency of security properties of products with digital elements, and enabling businesses and consumers to use products with digital elements securely.


At 15.45 o clock, Arthur van der Wees and Jacques Kruse Brandao  (Digital Sovereignty Taskforce Leader & Cybersecurity Taskforce Co-Lead of the EU Alliance for Industrial Data, Cloud & Edge  and Global Head of Advocacy, TÜV Informationstechnik) will talk about the following topic: "CRA & Mitigating Cyber Threats: Where to Start?"

On the CRA, NIS2, CER, DORA, CSA, GDPR and other that complement the EU Cybersecurity Strategy, Security Union Strategy, and Digital Decade 2030 at large; when having the necessary risk-based and all-hazards approach, in the life cycles of IoT devices, systems and services:


Where to start?

What to verify & assure?

And, when?,


During the webinar taking place this afternoon, Jacques Kruse Brandao and Arthur van der Wees will help us getting started, and guide us through their open source IoT Security Risk Spectra Mapping Tool. Jacques is Global Head of Advocacy at TÜV Informationstechnik, an international leading testing service provider for IT security and part of TÜV Nord Group with activities in more than 100 counties worldwide. Arthur van der Wees is Managing Director of Arthur’s Legal, Strategies & Systems, an independent, global strategic legal firm & knowledge partner. Arthur’s Legal, Strategies & Systems is member of the European Alliance for Industrial Data, Cloud & Edge, leads it Digital Sovereignty Taskforce, and co-leads its Cybersecurity Taskforce.



You can register and join this webiner free of charge by clicking this link: https://iotac.eu/iot-day-roundtable-2023/


The CRA seeks to harmonize the Union regulatory landscape by introducing cybersecurity requirements for products with digital elements, ensuring certainty for operators and users across the Union and better harmonization of the single market. Manufacturers must ensure that all connectable products with digital elements are designed and developed in accordance with essential requirements laid down in the regulation, including consumer products with digital elements intended for vulnerable consumers, such as toys and baby monitors.