Data for Good

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash


Time and again data is mentioned as a major and valuable asset of the Digital Age we live in and rightfully so. With the advancement of technologies that influence different spheres of everyday life, the importance of data is underscored. But most organisations only focus on monetizing on data, which is actually a bit traditional thinking, and does not benefit society, planet and the have-nots. So, why not use Data for Good?

Enter the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data: Data4SDGS, a global network that works towards ensuring that the different opportunities presented by the digital revolution are directed towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Arthur’s Legal, Strategies & Systems is a member of this UN partnership and has consistently been working towards facilitating seamless data sharing to help achieve the SGDs. For instance, within 72 hours of a request made by the government of Mexico and the city of Mexico City, Arthur’s Legal, Strategies & Systems and its global network was able to obtain satellite pictures, just after a devastating earthquake, that were high resolution and royalty-freed up for the occasion by the owner of that content.

Your organisation too can join the Data for Good movement and challenge the status quo. It is much more rewarding than the current “Data for Your Own Benefit” state-of-play. Data to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and improving lives, fighting inequality, and promoting environmental sustainability. Just as Arthur’s Legal, Strategies & Systems join for Good: