Benetutti Event Twinergy Thursday 29 September – Italy



Acting as consortium partner on behalf of the TwinERGY Consortium, we at Arthur's Legal are pleased to invite you to attend the 1st PAN European Workshop which will take place on September 29th at Benetutti (Sardinia) as part of the project's general assembly.


On this date the general team we'll talk about is 'The role of citizens in energy transformation. The case of TwinERGY’s engagement learning’ with experts and participants from the demo-site in Italy. Relevant experts of the sector and participants of the pilot site in Italy will be invited to collaborate throughout different sessions and discussions held during the workshop. This workshop will encounter an interactive  session between the experts, the citizens from Benetutti and other relevant stakeholders. All stakeholders will be asked to share their experiences with the public. This dialogue will be made open to the public, therefore can be viewed free of charge and live from all over the world via a Youtube livestream. For more information including the programme and the live channel, please register here:


On behalf of Arthur's Legal, Arthur van der Wees will be present to share the latest insights regarding 'Trusted Data Sharing as an Enabler for Citizen's Engagement'. Arthur will elaborate in more detail on the valid question: 'How privacy and trust could facilitate accountable decision making?'  This specific session will take place at 14.10 'o clock during the afternoon.





TwinERGY is committed to understand and promote citizen participation in energy markets, providing tools and solutions that help them have a more active role, and proving that a better energy ecosystem is possible. It introduces a first of its kind Demand Response Framework, a solution that incorporates digital intelligence so that citizens can actively adapt their consumption to market fluctuations through the help of data and automation.


With the aim of exposing the initial learnings and questions when applying the consumer engagement strategy, collecting good practices and existing gaps, the event will be centred on citizen engagement in the energy system

The idea will be to get feedback and further knowledge, while enabling conversations between citizens and stakeholders on challenges and benefits of taking an active role in energy management. 


This location is super relevant as Benetutti is the first municipality in the country to be completely managed by smart energy communities. The event will be hybrid, so if you cannot travel, there's the possibility to attend online. 

At TwinERGY, we believe that citizens can play an active role in energy management, enabling smarter and fairer demand response programmes that ensure the comfort of communities. To show you the possibilities, we are launching the first Energy Future video, the first piece on how to empower citizen participation in the energy market. In this episode, we present an overview of the project, introducing the system and the main plans. 


You can watch the First Energy Future video here: